The waiting
I´ll Be Your Mirror
Nobody wants to play
Blue Moon
Darkroom Diary 1
Darkroom Diary 2
Since the Accident
Self Portrait ( part 1 )
Der er telefon
London Loafers
White Pot
The Interview
The Disappointment
WWI IOO plate 3
WWI IOO plate 1
WWI IOO plate 2
More Lights
De fandt ham i Sommerhuset
Calender 2015
 Bouillabaisse  acrylic on paper and cardboard on canvas  80 X 60 cm  2015  SOLD
Leader of the Pack
Our House
Words ( don´t come easy ) No.1
Juni 79´ på Gården
Black Day
From the Turkeywood Series
From the Turkeywood series
The Great Defeat at Denimcreek
From the Turkeywood Series
Words ( don´t come easy ) No.2
Back from Lunch
Die, Commie Swine
Days with Dan ( part of series )
Days with Dan ( part of series )
Die Commie Swine
Dannydays ( part of series )
Dannydays 4 ( the sheep, the diplomate, the eunuk )
Monkey see / DJ do
Words ( don´t come easy ) No.3
Charlie lost an Angel
Mix Tape Two
Mix Tape One
Mixtape Six
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